Manual installation of IDM plugin for FireFox and other Mozilla based browsers.

If our add-on is not available in FireFox or other Mozilla based browser, you may need to install it manually. Press FireFox options button (arrow 1 on the image) and then on "Add-ons" menu item (arrow 2 on the image).

open Add-ons FireFox dialog

"Add-ons Manager" window should open. Click on "Extensions" tab (arrow 1 on the image). Then press on "Tools for all add-ons" cogwheel (arrow 2 on the image), and pick "Install Add-on from File..." (arrow 3 on the image) menu item.

IDMCC extension install add-on from file menu item

Then open IDM folder where you installed IDM ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager\" by default).

IDMCC extension select add-on file

Here you have 3 XPI files. They have the same name, but a different number at the end. Select appropriate add-on for your browser basing on FireFox version that is used in it. Please look carefully at the following:

  • Select idmmzcc3.xpi for FireFox 53 and newer versions.
  • Select idmmzcc2.xpi for FireFox browsers from version 27 to version 52 inclusively.
  • Select idmmzcc.xpi (without a number) for FireFox versions from 1.5 to 26.

If you do not know on which version of FireFox is based your browser, try to install all these add-ons one by one.

If you selected the right version, the FireFox would show a dialog confirming setup. Depending on the version of your browser, you can see the following dialog where you need to press on "Install" button:

Install FireFox IDM Integration Module

or the following dialog where you need to press on "Add" button:

Add FireFox IDM Integration Module

If you selected an incorrect version of XPI file, FireFox would show an error message.

Please read here how to check your version of FireFox if you do not know it.